Thursday, June 16, 2016

X-Universe Issue #1 Age of Apocalypse part 10

X-Universe Issue #1 Age of Apocalypse

Written by Scott Lobdell and Terry Kavanagh
Penciler Carlos Pacheco
Inker Cam Smith
Colorist Kevin Somers

During the Age of Apocalypse the question of where are the non-mutant hero's.  Where is the Fantastic Four? What happen to the Avengers? Or Where is Spider-man? 

Well those questions are answered with X-universe.  This book takes a look at the human side of a World ruled by Apocalypse.  

And without futher Ado.... here is the story.

We open in Wakanda, the home of Black Panther and one on the most Technologically advanced civilizations know to man.  Of course in this world it isn't so.  Black Panther is dead, Wakanda is a nation of destroyed and downtroddened humans.  We see a human releif worker named Gwen Stacy. Yep, Peter Parkers first girlfriend in our universe. She is assisting the many downtroddened humans left in Wakanda.  We see that she has been torn down in this world. She can barely remember a time when this city was a marvel to rival all cities. Now it is ash and ruins a childeren run around half naked, people are dying of disease and starvation. 


As she helps pass out the last of her food and medical supplies they are attacked by four lone figures; a group of human terroists called the Mauraders. These humans are Wilson Fisk, Norman Osborne, Arcade, and The Owl.   They are scavengers and former business men that have sided with Apocalypse. They are tolerated by the great and powerful, because they attack and kill humans as all terroists and sadists do. 

These Mauraders have come to Wakanda to pick at the bones of the city and kill any remaining humans in the country. Of course they didn't count on a resistance fighter and survivalist by the name of Gwen Stacy. Using her one and only weapon to defend the remaining humans she taks a shot at Wilson Fisk. Her weapon is a really really big gun.  With one shot she manages to vaporize the rotund villan before he can make any really attempt to hurt Gwen.  

Shortly after that she is set upon by Arcade. Of course he attempts some banter and before he can pounce onto our young heroine, he is stopped by falling medical supplies from a GIANT ROBOT SPIDER.  

After turning Arcade into goo, the Giant Robot Spider uses it's two cannons to take out Owl and Norman Osborn. Thus eliminating the Mauraders.  We also find out that the Robot Spider is being pilotted by Clint Barton and Tony Stark.  They have come to Wakanda in search of there friend and fellow resistance fighter Donald Blake.  

As usual Tony Stark attempts to flirt with Gwen, but being a no nonsense tough as nails survivor she doesn't take to kindly to it and threats the former billionare.  Thus brings us into a nice entery point for Donald Blake.  

Tony tells Donald about the situation in England and that he is needed in the resistance headquarters. Donald reluctenly accepts  and we cut to England.

In London we see a fleet of airships that have arrived from the United States with a Mutant envoy to herald peace between the resistance and the mutants. Or so we think.

We are then introduced to this worlds Ben Grimm and Sue Storm both pilots for the resistance as well as survivors of Apocalypses slaughter of the human hero's . While on patrol and escort duty for the coming ambassador an explosion occurs at one of the resistance bases and the former fantastic four head off to investigate.  They come across a grey Hulking monster and learn that he was the cause of the explosion.  The now Terrific two battle the grey creature and manage to shoot an ear off, there by frighting of the grey monster.  While looking through the wreakage they come accross the scientist Bruce Banner and discover that he too has lost an ear. Coincedence?

The two take Dr. Banner back to the resistance main base where Victor von Doom is meeting with the  Mutant Ambassador Mikhail.  Mikhail invites the resistance on his ship to discuss peace talks, but in actualitiy has brought them on board to be his prisoners.  Plus like a maniacal despots he reveals his plans to destory the humans in England with his weapon.  the Mutant known as Empath.

Art in this book is Fantastic. Drawn by Carlos Pacheco  who has a very organic look to his style.

I give this story an 8 out of 10.  Great story, it's nice to see that the human hero's are still in the game.