Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Pull list poll. Marvel Comics V DC comics

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Created a small pole to see what others are reading in their Monthly Pull Lists.

With the latest order to my Comic shop I noticed that I've dropped all Marvel superhero titles. I was surprised by this as I used to be a die hard X-men fan.  So I wanted to see if anyone else was in the same boat as me. 
Reader's please click on the above link and I will post the results here on my blog spot this coming Sunday March 19th, 2017.

The Results of the Poll

The poll had a total of 19 people take the questionnaire.  The poll also ended on Sunday night around 8:30 central time.  Here are the final results. 

Out of 19 People surveyed that read DC and Marvel comics:

36.8% of the people have 20 or more books that are DC or Marvel books in there pull list.   

Coming in second is 16 to 20 titles at  31.6%.   

Here is a nice pie chart with the breakdowns of number of overall marvel and dc titles.

Out of the 19 people polled.  DC Comics is the big winner with 16 or more titles in a pull list at 38.9%  So DC Superheros have more readers buying titles of 16 or more. 

Is this because so many people jumped on with Rebirth as a soft reset to the DC universe.  Could Marvel's Secret Wars and Civil War II fallen short with it's readers?

Marvel's 16 or more titles falls in way short at 5.3% percent. 

Marvel Comics appears to hold a strong 1-3 books in a pull list.  

The winner of the Pull List Poll. 

Lastly a quick comparison of two small imprints at Marvel and DC.   The Star Wars titles and Young Animal Titles. 

68.4% of the 19 people survey are not reading a Star Wars title.  Only 21.1 % are only reading 1 title.  At the time of this survey there are currently only four titles being published by Marvel Comics. 

Young Animal currently has a more interesting pie. Only 42.1% of people polled do not read Young Animal comics. While 26.3% of those same polled read 3 titles.  Also at this time Young Animal only has four titles for there pull list. 

I want to thank everyone that took the time to fill out the survey. I am hoping to have future comic related surveys, so please come back to my blog when you can for future postings. 

Matt D.