Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Generation Next Issue #4 (Age of Apocalypse Part 30)

Age of Apocalypse  Part 30

Generation Next  Issue #4

Written by Scott Lobdell   

Art by Chris Bachalo

Inks by Mark Buckingham

Lettered by Richard Starkings and Comicraft

Open With:

An homage to Watchmen with a smiley face watch, then we zoom out to reveal that it’s a watch on the wrist of Illyana Rasputin.  Who is currently in what appears to be a cave or perhaps a void within a pile of rocks.
All around her she can hear music, which is very calming for her. Then suddenly there is the sound of an air hammer.  Illyana gets up to investigate her surroundings. She finds a crack of some kind in a wall.  Curiously she puts her hand through the crack, on the other side we see where the crack leads.

The mutant shapeshifter Mondo has Illyana's hand sticking out of his chest as he walks past two mutant’s guards from last issue.  One of the guards notices this and is trying to get the others attention about something being wrong. Mondo does some quick thinking and pushes the hand back into his chest. Then a guard taps mondo on the shoulder
Cut To:
Several levels up; Skin, Chamber and the fake Quientus are in front of Sugar Man and a few of his guards.  “Quientus” is explaining to Sugar Man how everything is good since he shot the mutant infiltrator and have taken the other prisoner.
Sugar man has his doubts and suspensions, which make him stab the fake Quientus with his razor sharp mutant tongue.  The wound causes Quientus to expell the gaseous mutant that was making up is bulk.  Paige resigns that their cover is blown and sheds a jusk to reveal her true form.
Sugar man tells the guards to kill the mutant intruders, when there is a explosion and every is sent blasting onto their backs.  Chamber is the the first one to recover from the events  and eplains to the reader and the guards that the explosion came from their teacher, Colossus.  Chamber also gives us an explanation as to why he is walking around after appearing to be shot. He then shoots a guard himself to accentuate the point. Behind him another guard is taken out by his friend Skin, and they both see Sugar Man sneaking away in the chaos.  Chamber blasts the nasty mutant with his telekinetic powers.

Paige is rescuing Vincente from the wreckage when some guards see her and make their way over. When suddenly Colossus is there an takes them out, and shouts orders to his students.  In the background a small figure of the Sugar Man over hears everything and learns about the X-men’s mission.

Mondo is being pummeled by one of the guards near the edge of a cliff. The other guard is cheering on his compatriot.  Mondo then uses his powers to to slip into the ground and causes the pummeler to fall of the edge.  He then pops up behind the other guard and gives him a shove off the very same cliff.
Mondo is then reunited with a little girl that he saved way back in issue 1.  Behind her, is his friends Chamber and Skin.  The two mutants ask Mondo where Illyana is?  Mondo begins to answer when a sputter of blood comes out of his mouth and a razor sharp tongue protrudes from his midsection.  Mondo slumps over to reveal a now full grow Sugar man Holding Illyana Rasputin in his hand.  Presumably ripped out of Mondo’s rocky form.

Suddenly from above; Colossus slams down on Sugar Man freeing his sister from his grasp.  Then beats the evil mutant  into goo, and catches his sister from falling into  the mess.  Colossus reassures his sister that everything will be fine, and shows his students a gentler side to their teacher.  During this repreve Husk and Vincente arrive with a horde of guards behind them. 
One of which creeps up behind Colossus and is about to strike him down, when Shadowcat phases out of her husbands back and kills the guard. Shadowcat then orders the students to fight their way back to the door to make their escape.
Just then Chamber is attacked by a guard and kicked out of panel. We get the since that he is killed off panel. Skin attempts to save him but treated with the same fate. Killed off panel.
Colossus tells Shadowcat to get them out of there by phasing the three of them, so that they can stay on mission. With great objection, Shadowcat phases the three of them and they leave behind Husk and Vincente in the horde of guards.
Outside the mine:
Shadowcat materializes them outside and tells Colossus she is going back to save the surviving students. Colossus tells her to not be ridiculous, he will go back and get them. She should stay on mission and head towards their camp and he will join her there.
Colossus then jumps down to the main gate and takes out the the two guards . He then runs down the long porticul to the atrium door just in time to catch it as it is closing. He sees Paige being swarmed by guards as she is fighting tooth and nail to get out.
Colossus can’t hold the door any longer and it closes on him as he sees Paige become overrun by guards.
Back at Camp:
Colossus shows up alone and tells Shadowcat that he couldn’t save the students. We also get a small reveal of a mini sugar man standing behind Colossus’ boot.
To Be continued …………….. in X-men Omega.
Story seems pretty solid, but the one thing that isn’t explained is how is Sugar Man coming back from being blasted, and beaten to a pulp?  The dialogue feels very natural, and the story keeps moving us forward to the overall conclusion
Chis Bachalo’s art is great.  This is some of his early work and at the time it breaks from the traditional style of panel grids and gutters. There is always something going on in the page and the detail is there with the backgrounds
All in all I give this book a:
Score 7 out of 10

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