Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Weapon X Issue #4 (Age of Apocalypse Part 31)

Age of Apocalypse  Part 31
Weapon X  Issue #4

Written by Larry Hama   
Art by Andy Kubert
Inks by  Dan Green
Lettered by  Pat Brosseau

Open With:
Weapon X, Gateway, and Emma Frost are all viewing a holographic video of the cullings that took place in North America. Frost is using the video to convince Gateway to lead their Airship Armada against the ruler of North America, Apocalypse.

Logan isn’t happy with Gateway’s response, and grabs him. Logan walks him over to a young girl and forces him to  take a closer look at one of the Victims of the culling. The young girl is pleading for her life in some back alley, as she is killed by an Infinite.  This action along with a diary of the very girl who gets killed is enough to make Gateway change his tune; and he agrees to lead the Armada.

Logan walks away satisfied and lighting a cigar.
Cut To:
Apocalypse’s lair and the former city of New York. Apocalypse steps out of the interrogation room that is holding Magneto; and is interrupted by his attendant Rex.  Rex informs Apocalypse about the human’s Armada and that Pierce is also missing in action. He also mentions Mikhail Rasputin. See Universe X for more info on him.

Rex then suggest an  increased vigilance to their borders for possible attack. Apocalypse says not to worry and he actually looks forward to the conflict.

Cut To:
High above Paris, the fleet of Airships take off for Apocalypse’s stronghold. Gateway explains his course he has plotted.   They will take a route through an electrical storm that should mask their approach. Weapon X decides to walk away, he chooses  to talk to the Council members that are on board the ship. Whom he runs into Emma Frost and Brian Braddock, in the hallway.
Some interesting words are exchanged and Braddock leaves them feeling a little suspicious.  The remaining two discuss Apocalypse, Jean Grey, and their attack plan.
Outside the airship, Gateway is standing on the dirigible with a radio to stay in contact with the flight deck. According to the flight crew he went up there to “feel the air”  and better navigate. Weapon X pops out of an access hole on the top to check on the little aborigine.
Suddenly; two figures come zooming past on what looks like a set of dragon wings.  We then see it’s Peirce and another techno-organic human that is carrying him through the storm.  In his flight, the cybernetic villain radios Apocalypse’s forces and tells them about the on-coming armada. The force’s scramble to get fighters into the air to check it out and battle the humans.

The two Cybernetic humans break through the flight deck windshield and attacks everyone there. Frost gets on the radio and tells Gateway to send Weapon X down here as they are under attack.  Peirce hears this and sends his associate to Gateway and Weapon X with orders to kill them both.
Peirce also takes this time to order Braddock to turn traitor. Emma is surprised by this and Braddock cold cock’s her.

On top of the airship the second party crasher swoops in and shoots up Weapon X and nearly hits Gateway.  It is revealed that this second cybernetic human is Carol Danvers. Logan’s left arm is badly shot up by Carol; and while he is on his knees he begs her to stop and think about what she is doing.  This makes her pause for a moment .

Cut to:
Inside the airship flight deck.  Frost recovers from being cold cocked by Braddock and is walking towards him and Pierce with a double headed axe.  Pierce orders Braddock to shoot the woman; but he refuses and actually shoots Peirce instead. The concussive force pushes the Cyborg out another window.  So that is three window repair jobs in one ship. As Braddock turns back to look at Frost, a cybernetic leg extends into the ship and spears Braddock through the back killing the man.    The leader of the human resistance dies in the arms of Emma Frost.




Cut to:
On top of the airship, Carol’s inner turmoil has stayed her hand from killing Weapon X and Gateway. When suddenly a cybernetic hand slices through her back and killing her also.  Ah Peirce is here, evidently he didn’t fall to his death out the window but clawed his way up the side of the ship.
Pierce grabs Gateway and prepares to deliver a killing blow to the little navigator. Weapon X threatens Pierce telling him that he doesn’t want to play his hole card and be force to kill the Cyborg. Peirce bears it no mind, but Weapon X manages to get on his feet and “pops” his claws that are in his stump are thus killing the Cyborg finally.
Now, shot up and beaten Logan slumps down. Gateway tells him that the day is not lost.  Using extra rope and his whirligig, Gateway opens up a huge portal and the entire Armada fly into the white void t be transported to Apocalypse’s Citadel.

To Be continued …………….. in X-men Omega.

Well paced story to help deliver the protagonist, to the final battle in the wrap up issue X-men Omega.  There are a few spots where it did seem like to quick of cut’s. It could have used a few time establishing captions. LIke when Weapon X is suddenly up on the Airship with Gateway.  I liked how Larry Hama’s stories deliver exposition in a more natural way than talking heads. His moments have a more natural feel and includes areas with more scope. LIke when Emma Frost and Logan are talking in the bomb hold.
Ok what more can I say about Adam Kuberts art that I haven’t already said in other reviews for this series.  Adam’s lines and detail really help make this book. As part of a dynasty of Comic Artists there is no denying that he has the chops and talent to tell a great story.  The only negatives I have is a few of the figure placements for the fight scenes could have been centered more for better clarity.
All in all I give this book a:
Score 8.5 out of 10

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